Course Direction

In 2013, the course ran in a counter-clockwise loop. In 2012, we ran clockwise. For 2014, IMTUF will return to the clockwise direction.
See the CW Course page for map information for the clockwise direction.

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Garmin Connect Interactive Map (CCW)

Garmin Connect from 2013 runner Christine Kollar

CCW Maps & Data

2013 Race Profile
CCW Race Profile (click to enlarge)
Race Profile with Aid Station Chart
CCW Race Profile with Aid Station Chart. Update 8/23/13: The Chinook/Willow Basket Loop will be run in the opposite direction as originally planned, making the Chinook mileage 86 miles with an updated cutoff of 12:30 PM.


  1. mike james says:

    I thought you guys were going to make this one tough! Anyhow I am in but need to find the signup date!

    • imtu9065 says:

      22k’ vert not enough, huh? Just run it faster!

      We will be opening it up soon. We have been working on final issues with getting Burgdorf Hot Springs on board to host the shindig. We want everything set just right before we open it up, so everyone knows what they are in for. All is coming together beautifully and we will be rolling within a few weeks.

    • imtu9065 says:

      Wow. Exciting stuff. Let me know if you want any specific beta on the course. Will be really interesting see what a high caliber racer does on this course. 2013 will be a big year for IMTUF.

  2. Amy King says:

    Hey Ben and Jeremy! I’m not finding any cutoff info other than the 36 hours. Is that somewhere that I’m not seeing? Also, I’m wondering about a pre-race meeting? The site says that we need to check in prior to the start. I need to know if I have to get up there by a certain time on Fri.

    Thanks for all the map info! The trails that I have done thus far have been BY FAR the most beautiful trail in the universe. I’m insanely excited!

  3. Jeff Forister says:

    The above swag section reads laser engraved belts. Are these actually belt buckles? Do you have a photo of one? Really sweet logo! Course and event looks like a great weekend to be had. Hope I can make it this year, next for sure.

    • Emily B says:

      Hope you don’t mind me answering the question – the awards are actually belts, not buckles. That way, you will have something to show off your other buckles with, while still showing off your IMTUF finish! Sweet!

  4. Eric Lee says:

    Late addition to the race, excited to be heading out for the 100 next weekend! Unfortunately the Hot Spring Cabins appears to be full on Friday night, do any of the runners have an extra bed they’d be willing to rent to a lowly single runner coming from Colorado? I am planning to camp now, but its a bit harder for me to lug all the necessary gear out there on a plane.
    -Eric (

    • imtu9065 says:


      Check out the IMTUF 100 group and event pages on Facebook. Several people are discussing extra spots in cabins there.

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