On SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2014 (Saturday-Sunday), join us in the beautiful resort town of McCall, Idaho for a 100 mile race that is alpine to the core. Starting and finishing at the famous Burgdorf Hot Springs, IMTUF tackles the trails and summits of this premiere mountain playground. Crossing 8 high passes and gaining over 20,000 feet, this world class course was crafted to be tough and breathtakingly scenic. Train hard and enjoy.

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9/17/14: Course Conditions Update: Trails are coming together beautifully. McCall Smoke Jumpers cut out Victor Creek Trail this week. Snowslide to Lake Fork is getting fresh cut right now through tomorrow. 20 Mile to Duck Lake is perfect. Crestline is as good as I’ve ever seen it. Moon dust is present over spots on all these trails, but some rain yesterday packed that down pretty well. I cut out lots of downed timber on the trails around Upper Payette Lake. The trail uphill coming in to Cloochman Saddle is not in the best shape. Some downed timber remains and I marked it with a few re-routes around a few of the bigger pieces. It is a rocky/nasty steep trail anyway- so probably a hiker. Only a mile, it’s over quick. Above Cloochman onto Bear Pete and down Nethker is glorious. Perfect conditions and the best views of the day to finish off the hundo. The Terrible Terrence is in near “trail like” condition for once. I cut out tons of downed pieces that have been down for the past 2 years. There are sheep in there mowing the grass, so footing is better than ever. Still- be careful in there. Probably best walk downhill through some these sections to avoid foot/ankle injury. it is still “Terrible” AND ALWAYS WILL BE. Water Crossings: all crossings are pretty low and creative route finding can keep feet dry if you are motivated to do so. We will be crossing at the Upper Payette Lake Dam. Lots of rocks in the water make a pretty easy crossing. Some deep crossings up the Victor Drainage require logs to cross and stay dry, but not bad at all. Just remember a strong rain will swell the streams and change all of this, just as a strong wind can make this entire race a bushwhack adventure. Fingers crossed for solid high pressure until Sunday- as forecast. Elk are everywhere and many will encounter them or at least hear the bugles. Some wolf track here and there, but nothing like last year when they had the Crestline and 20 mile held hostage. Sheep are on the Terrible Terrence now, but they might move on by race day. Just watch out for them and be easy around their high strung sheep dogs. Hunters: It is archery season for deer and elk out there, as it is at many fall races around the country. Consider wearing bright colors as an added precaution. We have never had an issue, just be courteous to those on the trail and give the hunters and all other trail users the right away. I am off to mark trail…try to write again pre-race, otherwise last minute stuff we will cover at the briefing Friday at 6 pm. Safe travels. Jeremy and Brandi Bolli Humphrey

9/13/14: A 2014 race manual is updated on the website!! IMTUF 100 Race Manual 2014 (.pdf download) (mileages updated 9/14/14)

9/4/14:  First, the course description is now up on the website - it’s a good read. You should read it even if you don’t usually do that sort of thing, just to breathe in a little of Jeremy’s heart for this race. This is truly his stomping grounds, and his love for this country and this sport comes out in his writing. Here are the other things to note:

  • Lake Fork has 2:00 am cutoff, not 2:15 as originally stated on the chart.
  • The former Victor Creek is just a water drop between Willow Basket and Upper Payette and is actually about mile 27 up on the side of the hill. There is no Victor Creek aid – just a water drop on the outbound trip. Victor Creek is renamed to Diamond Ridge.
  • Box Creek is just light aid with food being packed in by goats; Snowslide LAKE (not TH) is only a water drop.
  • Crestline has a 10 AM SOFT cutoff. You should be there by that time to realistically finish the race, but sometimes we do things that don’t seem realistic when motivated, so there is room for consideration there.
  • Also, from reading the course description, it sounds like Ruby Meadows aid is a MAYBE – don’t count on it.

8/25/14: IMTUF racers with campers/trailers, below is the email we received from the Burgdorf care takers:
…”we would prefer if you utilized Jeanette Campground just North of us (7 sites available) and the Burgdorf Guard Station (3 sites), besides the Pete Creek trailhead 3 miles up the road with 10 plus sites with ample room for all sorts of trailers.”

5/29/2014: Aid station chart has been updated on the CW course page.

9/2/2013:  Second successful IMTUF is in the books with a 62% finisher rate.  19 hardcore finishers out of 27 starters.  A HUGE thanks to our sponsors and volunteers, and major congrats to everyone who tackled the race.  We hope to see you all back next year!

Jeremy Humphrey, Race Director 208.795.7753